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Buying With The KP's
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How to Win Bidding Wars in the SF Bay Area

Discover the key steps we use as top buying and listing realtors to win for our clients.

Work with the best to win. As your realtors, we are your fiduciaries and the top SF Bay Area realtors with local expertise and insights. But there's so much more to buying, especially in this highly competitive market. We also act as your advocates, coaches, tour guides, marketers, cheerleaders, negotiators, project managers and sometimes counselors. We wear all these hats so that you don't need to. Below is a brief overview of the process. Contact us for more details. 

Phase 1: Initial Consultation & Buyer's Questionnaire

Acting as your  counselors and advocates, our goal is to understand your needs and create a plan to best meet them. 

We’re always available to chat! You can count on us as your local expert, resource and sounding board. We begin by quickly addressing your concerns and answering any questions, as well as discussing current market conditions and recent comparable sales. The main goal is to understand your situation, expectations and goals.


Once we determine we will be the best fit for each other, we then deep dive into your needs and wants around home features, timelines, locations, budget, etc. After seeing the analysis of current market conditions and comparable sales in select neighborhoods, we will create a plan of action together to best meet your goals. 

Phase 2: Get Pre-Approval 

At this phase, we are your advocates and coaches, getting you ready for the win!

Getting pre-approved is extremely important as it both informs our budgetary limits and gives our offers more strength and credibility. Working with the right lenders will also increase your options and as your advocates, will will connect you with proven lenders to get you the best rates. Additionally, we are happy to share tips on how to increase your credit score.

Phase 3: The Grand Tour & Home Search

This is the fun and exciting phase. We will be your tour guides and cheerleaders.

Based on our previous needs and wants conversation, we now embark on a customized Grand Tour of neighborhoods and suitable homes together. The goal is to refine your search from a dream into reality.

With well-defined criteria, we configure automatic alerts to send directly to your phone or email. Now you will receive matching listings as soon as they hit the MLS. We will tour more homes together, discuss pros and cons, and step by step move toward finding "the one." Aside from this, we offer the following unique services: 

  • Access to "coming soon" listings from our relationships with curated area's top agents. 

  • Door knocking potential neighborhoods and homes to see if owners are interested in selling. 

  • Targeted mailing and social media ads to attract potential sellers.


We understand the stress of competing in a seller's market. We will be your cheerleaders every step of the way, until we put you in your dream home! 

Phase 4: Offers & Escrow

This is the home stretch. We will be your marketers, negotiators and project managers.

We bring 20 years of global Fortune 500 experience to help you win your dream home at the best possible price. We will put together a comprehensive and customized offer package to appeal to the specific seller and position you for success. We follow up on all potential offers and actual offers before, during and after negotiation to ensure the highest chance of acceptance.  

Once an offer is accepted by the seller, we work with best in class escrow partners to ensure compliance and closing. Key steps:

  • Buyer's Initial Deposit: Typically one to three business days from ratified contract.

  • Inspection and contingency removal if any.

  • Appraisal: If there is a loan, the lender requires an appraisal and approval by the underwriter. We attend the appraisal to ensure proper representation.

  • Signing: Sign closing paperwork for notary purposes in person or we are happy to schedule a mobile notary. We also attend the signing to answer any questions. 

  • Final Funds in Escrow: Typically within one to two business days before close of escrow, all the buyer's funds and lender's funds are deposited into escrow. 

We will keep you informed every step of the way until closing day and delivery of keys. Time to celebrate! We partner with local businesses to pamper you with meaningful and fun gifts and perks. A neighborhood welcome party may be in order as well!

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