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Hearts expressing's appreciation for their Bay Area clients
We can brag all day long about how we are among the top producing and best San Mateo and Bay Area realtors that ever existed on this entire planet, but it sounds much better coming from some of our past clients, right? 

10. First Time Home Buyers (FTHB) with new baby looking for loyal real estate advocate. "My husband and I worked with Kevin to purchase our first home, and he was the best realtor we could have asked for. We knew pretty much nothing about real estate before meeting him, and he was so patient answering all of our questions about the home-buying process. We already had a place that we liked when we reached out to him, and offers were due just a week later. In that short amount of time, he met with us several times to explain the process, give us intel on the property, go over the disclosures, help us secure a lender at the best rate, and come up with an offer that would get accepted. After our offer was accepted (for 24k below asking!), he even scheduled a contractor and HVAC tech to come give us quotes for the remodeling ideas we were considering. Even though we were new to the world of real estate, we never felt unsure of what the next steps were or what Kevin was working on because he was on top of everything and his communication was top-notch! He regularly sent detailed emails outlining what we could expect in the coming days/weeks. Without a doubt we would recommend Kevin to friends/family looking for a realtor in the peninsula, and we’ll definitely contact him when we buy our next place!" Emily & Sudheer 2022 November

San Carlos condo bought by top producing Bay Area real estate agent Kevin Peterson

9. Landlord's property was vacant for 3 months due to hiring a non-performing realtor, i.e. old friend. The Solution: We replaced the realtor then helped Romy and family rent their 2 bedroom / 2 bath home in less than 2 weeks. "Kevin is an outstanding agent. He is the peoples champion in the real estate field. He makes it his point to connect with his clients to better understand how he can strategically find a solution. I would highly recommend him and use his intuitive real estate skills again." Romy & Umila 2022 October

San Mateo rental property by Bay Area top producing real estate agent Kevin Peterson

8. First Time Home Buyers (FTHB) using sub-standard lender found on internet. Because rates had been rising at incredible rates, our buyers found a non-Californian Citibank loan officer (i.e. Texas). Communication with the buyer broke down at the end of underwriting and closing dates had to be extended multiple times. The solution: For every bid, we give a range of acceptable prices to win; at the higher end, there is a higher probability of winning. As you read through the other reviews, you'll notice we never push our clients for a higher price but ask them what they feel is an acceptable range. Then after winning the offer, we typically monitor communications between the buyer, their lender, title & escrow companies. As our closing date approached, our buyer was unable to get updates. On their behalf, Kevin stepped in to help resolve communications directly with the lender. With no Closing Documents generated or notification of delays 3 days before closing, Kevin and the listing agent were forced to create an email chain with all stakeholders to keep everyone appraised of the situation along with hourly calls to the lender for status updates, resulting in a successfully closed deal days after the bank had initially promised. "Working with Kevin Peterson to buy our townhome in San Jose, CA was largely a pleasant experience! Kevin spoke with the listing agent in length, to determine the activity / competition on the property. Based on their conversations and the latest comps, he then provided us with an estimate which we thought was slightly higher (but not too bad) than what we were comfortable with. So, we decided to go with a lower offer at our own discretion, and with that we won against 2 other offers. Once we won, we found an amazing interest rate on a loan with Citibank. Unfortunately, we used a mortgage officer out of state who was not very responsive and didn't understand the (high) standards of closing on time. Long story short, it forced us to close 10 days late while incurring an extra $1,420 in fees! Kevin could have done a better job helping us to liaise with and push the lender to keep things going more smoothly. However, we are still grateful that we had Kevin in this transaction and he not only negotiated with the seller but also our bank! In the end, we got our HOA rush fee paid back to us AND the fees to the seller too, resulting in $0 extra to close. Would we use Kevin to buy our next house? Yes if we did a better homework on making an offer and how to deal with mortgage lender. Would we recommend him to our friends? Very likely. Thanks Kevin for all your help!" Jason & Say Fuan 2022 September

San Jose townhouse bought by top producing Bay Area real estate agent Kevin Peterson

7. Non-contigent offer then lender could not close at last minute??!! "Kevin did an amazing job helping us find our dream home, in San Mateo, in an awesome location, and within our budget. Meeting him was literally an answered prayer. We randomly met him at a house with a 'for sale' sign, and asked him if he could let us see the place, which he kindly did. We already had realtors at that time, but were already unimpressed with their service. After talking to Kevin that day, we left our old realtors immediately, and connected with Kevin. Kevin has great social skills, technical background, understanding of the local neighborhoods, and has really good connections with people in the right places. You are going to need that to buy a house in the Peninsula. He was very flexible, available by text, email or calls, he really worked with our needs. We had crazy expectations as buyers, but he never downplayed our goals, and gave us dignity as buyers, that we knew what we wanted and would not settle. A crazy 29 year old, with his pregnant sick wife, and two kids tagging along is what you should picture, us as buyers. During covid on top of that. At one point we had just finished quarantining after catching covid! He had the patience to listen to our 'brain storming' many times in houses we were looking at, without shutting us down or telling us we were wasting our time. We needed someone like that before we were confident that half a million dollars down, was going in the right place. As buyers you can tell when realtors are trying to make you just buy something, so they can be on their way to the next customer. He never made us feel that way. He worked over and beyond to put in several offers for us, almost always last minute due to our busy schedules, and most of them I am sure he knew we would never qualify for, yet he still did it. He has very good connections in the market and his negotiating skills always seemed to get us more information from sellers than we thought we could get! Our worst nightmare happened when we were told two weeks into our closing time, "Your loan is rejected'. And we had no contingency in place. (if your buying in San Mateo, you won't win a bid with contingencies, and they couldn't underwrite you for a loan over $2million until you have an accepted bid). Kevin did all the legwork to find us new loan agents, and we finally found Kerry through Kevin, who got us the loan in two weeks, and were able to close from start to finish in 37 days!! If you are buying, you are going to need a Kevin in your life. Thanks Kevin for helping us reach our dream home." Christelle & Francois 2022 April

San Mateo home bought by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson

6. Interest rates increased dramatically in a HOT market and loan officer was caught unaware. We helped our clients get into contract and the loan officer said they were solidly behind our clients. But when underwriting started looking into the client's small business income, things started coming off the railings. Thinking fast for our clients we reached out to Kerry. He had high rates but not the highest and promised he could get it done. After personally calling various banks and credit unions, we knew he was our client's best option. Although weeks into the closing, we were able to close successfully with no additional charges to our clients. "I worked with Kevin to close a tough deal in a short time frame and he was thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, calm, and provided the outstanding advice and the leadership that was needed to close the transaction. Great job, Kevin!" Kerry 2022 April

San Mateo home bought by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson

5. Seasoned home buyers looking for good deal in hot market. The Solution: Off market home in highly desirable neighborhood with ADU to offset the mortgage payment. "Hands down, The Best Real Estate Agents in Town!!! Kevin and Kiri Peterson are TRULY in it for clients to have the best possible experience they can have in buying a home in the Bay Area. My wife, myself and our two children had an amazing experience with our home purchase with Kevin and Kiri on our side. We describe them as Trustworthy, Patient and Knowledgeable: Trusting your real estate agent is one of the most important pieces. You know they are providing accurate information and guidance when discussing placing and how much to offer on a property. We were worried we would pay too much for a house, and often only wanted to bid at or slightly above asking price. Kevin and Kiri would advise us on what they thought would be a winning offer, and we wouldn’t listen. Later, we would find out they were spot ON! They never got frustrated with us and continued to write offers for us without hesitation at prices they knew would likely not win. Kevin and Kiri simply kept listening to what we wanted and continued to find new properties for us to view. Thank you for all you do!" Erin & Cujo 2022 March

San Mateo home bought by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson

4. Searching for high integrity, analytical real estate agent. "Kevin and Kiri Peterson went above and beyond for my husband and me when we bought our home. If you're like us, it's hard to fully trust agents you don't know well when it comes to a very personal (and very expensive) decision like buying a home. However, Kevin and Kiri exceeded our expectations with such an attentive, high-touch experience that you won't get from Bay Area agents in this fast-paced market. Not only are they incredibly professional and experts at what they do, but they're also the most genuine and kindest people you'll ever meet. They truly have a passion for helping people find happiness through home buying. We never once questioned whether this team had our best interests at heart. They always supported us through every decision and we never felt pressure to go in a direction that we weren't 100% comfortable with. Specifically, Kevin and Kiri stood out in so many ways in the 5 months we've been working with them. First, they're the gurus when it comes to the numbers. If we're bidding to win a home, we wanted an agent who could help us approach it methodically. We never want to be told to bid an amount without seeing the math. This team always gave us the mathematical breakdown of how much they anticipated a home would sell for and it was pretty spot on every single time. They helped us understand the market we were buying in so that we could bid strategically and it paid off big time when we got our home. Secondly, they really know what to look for when you're touring homes. Let's be honest - not every home you tour will be a winner. Kevin and Kiri are very honest about the condition of each home and will hone in on details that we wouldn't have noticed without them. Whether it be a weathered roof, wood rot around the windows, or poor finishes, this team is extremely sharp and pointed out everything they saw - good and bad - to ensure that we knew all the facts before making a decision on a home. Finally, they're so knowledgeable and well connected in their industry. Having had so much experience in renovating themselves, they can tell you roughly how much any renovation job might cost and can connect you with a contractor from their network if you need one. They have a vendor for everything - GC, home design, discounted appliances - they have it all. This definitely streamlined our journey because not only is the home buying process overwhelming, moving in is also a huge undertaking. Having this extra help after the home buying process was invaluable for us. Even now, over a month after we won our home, we are still getting referrals from them for home design, appliances, cleaners, etc. From the very beginning, this team told us that they would be there for us every step of the way, and they certainly delivered on that promise. We could really go on and on about how fantastic Peterson Realty has been to us, but there's one thing in particular that we really respect about this team - Kevin and Kiri know how to play it smart in this very competitive market, but they also do it with such integrity. A combination like that is really rare to find. They take this industry to another level and are, hands down, the best agents you'll ever work with. We will always be eternally grateful to them for helping our family find and win our forever home." Donna & Justin 2022 February

San Ramon home bought by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson

3. Home in need of refresh to get maximum profit. The solution: Leverage Kevin's home renovation expertise to help scope, budget, and project manage home renovations in 8 weeks with proven interior designers and contractors. "We had such a great experience purchasing our dream house with Kevin's and Kiri's help that we decided to work with them again to sell our townhouse. Our townhouse was rather dated and needed quite a bit of work to make it appealing and stand out amongst competitions. We work full time, have a young toddler to care for and were about to move to our new home at the time so, we were worried about the effort to manage the whole remodeling. Kevin and Kiri proposed a pragmatic solution and took care of everything from planning, communication, overseeing the remodeling and so much more! This means so much to us because not only that we were able to focus on tasks at hand but also ended up with a gorgeous townhouse. The transformation was stunning! We couldn't believe that it was the same place! Kevin and Kiri communicated frequently to ensure that we were always in the loop. Kevin personally did some of the work himself to save us some money from the remodeling while Kiri directed the staging precisely and wonderfully. They answered our millions of questions day or night throughout the whole process. Their effort paid off when we closed the deal at 12% over the asking price with 5 offers and only 8 days on the market. We set the highest price in the community and highest percent over asking in the downtown townhouses. Kevin and Kiri were always available for us before, during and after closing, providing guidance and support. We couldn't have done it without them. Thank you, Kevin and Kiri!" Yuin & Stephane 2021 November

San Mateo townhome bought by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson

2. Seasoned home buyers looking for a great agent. "We recently bought a home with Kevin and Kiri and it was like having two tour guides through the jungle of real estate. Their motto is Real Estate Done Right and we couldn't agree more! Price, location, and competition? They first set expectations around the price point we were looking for based on geographical locations that spanned the bay area. Once we narrowed down our search criteria, they then began showing us homes at our price point, as well as slightly above, so we had a good sense of what to expect. We also talked about the level of competition out there, especially as we saw homes snatched off the market very quickly. Kevin created comps of previously sold houses to help us understand the current market and set realistic expectations. Financing options? Kevin gave us a high level overview of financing with a strategy to get the best loan product at the best rate. Kevin shopped around and consolidated various banks and their loan products to meet our criteria. With Kevin's extensive knowledge on financing and tireless explanations, we felt confident to commit to a decision. After selecting the best option, we were then ready to make offers. All of this with 10pm and later meetings as we all have small children to put to sleep. Home tours? Well organized, prepared and efficient. After 4 hours with our adorable toddler in tow, we were exhausted but felt we covered as much as possible each time. Kevin and Kiri always helped us navigate quickly while having the right amount of time to digest the information we just took in. They also asked leading questions during the tours to help us see how we would use the various spaces. To help us focus on the tours, Kevin helped keep an eye on our toddler while Kiri asked important questions to the listing agents. Help with pros and cons? One weekend as we all toured open houses, they suggested a recently price reduced home that was slightly outside of our budget. It was unique with lots of potential. Kevin summarized the 70+ pages of disclosures, before we had a chance to thoroughly read them too, and because of their renovation experiences, they helped us determine ballpark pricing for repairs and upgrades. This saved us a ton of time and we felt good being able to make an informed decision. Negotiation skills? Whether negotiating financing or real estate, this couple can do it all! Kiri prepared us for the pricing strategy to start the bidding based on our findings as well as helped us prepare our offer package to be the most attractive. It worked!! We got the home on our first offer and below the asking price, in this hot market! Then they saved us an additional $20K after our offer was accepted! And it didn't stop there. We had Kevin and Kiri be our sounding boards to assess the pros and cons of the different loan vehicles that worked best for our situation. And once our offer was accepted, they helped us get the best rate with the least amount of fees for our loan! They are an amazing team. Would we work with them again? Absolutely! With Kevin and Kiri's clear communication and the skills described above, we felt a lot more informed, confident, and actually enjoyed this process. They listened to our thoughts, concerns, and preferences without pushing us in any directions. We felt as if Kevin and Kiri were buying the home with us, not FOR US; we felt like family. We look forward to working with Kevin and Kiri again and we are recommending Kevin and Kiri to all of our friends in the bay area." Yuin & Stephane 2021 August

Pleasanton home bought by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson

1. Seasoned home buyers looking for validation on offer price and disclosures, especially with HOA. "Working with Kevin and Kiri was like having a trusted friend and advisor on our side, a critical role we wanted for buying our home. They were responsive and made us feel comfortable calling, day or night, to answer any questions and ease our concerns. We had found our dream home that was already in a multi-bid situation. In order for us to make an offer within 24 hours, Kevin and Kiri reviewed 500+ pages of disclosures, summarized the items that could be deal breakers, and kept in constant contact with the seller's agent to ensure our offer would be given consideration. Their understanding of the local housing market, the buying process, and the added bonus of having extensive experience with condominium HOAs and property management, proved to be invaluable. By staying in close contact with the seller’s agent, Kevin and Kiri were able to provide us with a winning negotiating strategy. Despite the multi-bid situation, they did not pressure us to offer a price above our comfort level. Instead, they listened to our concerns and priorities and found other ways we could put together a winning offer beyond price alone. We were able to purchase our dream home for $75K under asking because of how well they represented our situation and presented our offer. After our offer was accepted, Kevin & Kiri were the driving force to ensure all tasks were completed for a very aggressive closing timeline. They did everything from keeping the title company on track, supporting the lending/insurance process, identifying repairs needed, recommended contractors, and more. Each time we were worried there was a possible snag in the process, Kevin & Kiri tracked down all the right people and things came through. They brought order and relief to what could have been an incredibly stressful process. Before, during, and after closing, Kevin and Kiri stayed by our side with their insight, guidance, and support. We could not more highly recommend them to anyone looking for a responsive, trustworthy, results-oriented, and enthusiastic team of realtors. Thank you, Kevin and Kiri!" Jenny & Tony 2021 June

San Mateo condo bought by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson
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