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Luxury Mansion Interior in San Mateo house for sale by



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Automated evaluations, like Zestimates and Redfin estimates, are not always accurate or reliable. For comparison sake, check out our free Homebot evaluation tool below and compare.


Then, for a more accurate and update to date Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which is a detailed report of recent comparable sales in your area, fill out the info here. 


This CMA will help us generate your Pricing Analysis that shows your home’s current market value and how it compares to similar homes for sale. Enter your property address and contact information for additional info.

Each Pricing Analysis is created by a licensed KPeterson Realty agent with extensive expertise in the local community. Please complete the form below and we will get back to you with a report as soon as possible. For a more in depth pricing analysis, have a friendly agent over to preview the home and discuss pricing, this is a quick and easy appointment with no strings attached or obligations.

How to price your home to sell for top dollar? If you price your home above market value, you will miss out on prospective buyers who would otherwise be prime candidates to purchase your home. If you list at a price that is below market value, you will ultimately sell for a price that is not the optimum value for your home. By pricing your home correctly, you expose it to a much greater percentage of prospective buyers. This increases your chances for a sale while ensuring a final sale price that properly reflects the market value of your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind about pricing: - Realistic pricing will achieve maximum price in a reasonable time. - Zillow and other automated valuation services are not always reliable and may not factor in market conditions or recent updates. - Your cost or profit desire may not always be in line with the market conditions. - The cost of improvements can vary greatly in how much value they add to your home sale. - Houses that remain on the market for a long time are often subject to lower offers. - A house that is priced right from the beginning typically achieves the highest proceeds.

What is the right time to sell your home? Another critical factor to keep in mind when pricing your home is timing. A property attracts the most attention, excitement and interest from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed on the market and gives the owners the best chance to sell for the highest price. Improper pricing at the initial listing misses out on this peak interest period and may result in your property languishing on the market. This may lead to a below market value sale price, or, even worse, no sale at all. A seasoned, knowledgeable agent (like a friendly local agent) can help you navigate pricing options and discuss the best time of year to list along with pricing strategies to yield the most favorable results.

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