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San Mateo home for sale by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson
Top Producing Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson

Realtor | DRE# 02128545
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With over 17 years of real estate experience and as a licensed Realtor®, Kevin is focused on “Real Estate Done Right” by combining cutting edge techniques with long standing real estate fundamentals. brings unparalleled levels of transparency, communication and real estate mastery to provide clients with top tier service, exceptional results and extraordinary satisfaction. 


What sets Kevin Peterson apart from the competition?

Work ethic. I believe that someone may be more skilled than me, stronger than me, whatever, but they will not outwork me. I am simply going to put in the work, learn and most of all, deliver for my clients and community everyday. 


As a former management and technology consultant for a Fortune 100 company, strategic thinking, problem solving and project management are at the core of what I do best. No matter the situations or challenges, I am able to learn fast, simplify, focus on what is the most important and execute meticulously. 

How did you become so good at being one of the best realtors in the Bay Area?

I fell in love with real estate when I became a homeowner in 2004. After the 2008-2009 recession, I saw the value of my homes drop by as much as 30%, which was some tough love. From that, I learned the wisdom of buying right. As an investor and a private lender, I have managed and experienced the full real estate cycle in a large number of transactions from acquisition, renovation, staging, marketing, negotiation and closing.

What has been the highlight of your realtor career?

Everyday is even better than the last. My real estate career is the intersection of life and passion. So, I would say the best is still yet to come. COVID and shelter in place enabled me to enjoy so much more togetherness with family and we look forward to bringing our fresh energy to make a positive difference. 

Real estate is highly competitive; how do you maintain a code of ethics?

I put GOD first and to be right with HIM, I have a standard to uphold. I adhere to the highest standards, no matter who it may benefit. Right is right.

What are 2-3 of your most important realtor tasks, actions, etc. that you do on a constant basis for your clients?

• Identifying the goal that makes the transaction a win for our clients.

• Respecting our clients' time and space and more importantly, treating them like family.

• Consistently showing up with integrity, compassion and enthusiasm for the process; before, during and after a transaction.

At the end of a real estate transaction, what one thing do you want every client to be able to say about you?

I care about them. I want our clients to know that without a shadow of a doubt, when they CHOSE US to help them on their journey, we gave them 110%. Ups, downs, scared, celebrations, we have put our hearts into it all. We love what we do and we are thankful for their trust.

Why is your office in Santa Clara Valley but you are one of the top producing San Mateo Realtors?

Being an expert in one market and having an office in another gives me insights into data analytics while also enabling my office to grow ​beyond their current scope. I also enjoy working with the Principal who founded the office and who also attended the same MBA school as my wife. The culture and expertise is top notch.

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