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San Mateo home for sale by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson
Best San Mateo realtor near me Kevin Peterson

Kiri Peterson

Realtor | DRE# 02027263
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At 17, Kiri became the first generation immigrant in her family when she alone came to the U.S. from Hong Kong to go to University. With her very humble family background, she did not have much to bring on her trip except two simple suitcases and a big dream, which has since come true many times over, from earning both her bachelor's and master's degrees (MBA), developing a global sales and marketing career working with the world's most well-known restaurant brands, as well as investing in real estate and building wealth. Kiri is extremely grateful for her opportunities and she does not take anything for granted. She simply gives her best in whatever she does. 


What sets you apart from other realtors in the Bay Area?

Grit and persistence, relationship building and negotiating win-win. If I believe in something, I simply do not give up until I find a way to get there. I enjoy being creative and solving complex problems. With 20 years of experience working with teams and customers across 30 countries and five continents, I have developed a deep sense of appreciation and understanding about people and communication, making the best out of any circumstances. 

How did you become so good at helping your husband be a top producing Bay Area realtors?

I am a trailblazer, connector and storyteller at heart. That is just who I am. I love challenging myself, getting things done and doing them very well, while making meaningful connections with others.


I bought my first home in 2010 and have since enjoyed my journey of building wealth through real estate investing. I became a realtor in 2018 and represented myself as the buyer's agent in purchasing my current home. It was a very creative transaction and flawlessly executed. My real estate experience coupled with my top performing corporate job track record have well prepared me to fully support my husband Kevin to make an impact through 

What has been the highlight of your career?

My life is a multi-faceted career. My family is what I am the most proud of. Together with my dear husband and partner in crime, my princess as well as my little man, we are the courageous, fun-loving and unique KPs.  

Real estate is highly competitive; how do you maintain a code of ethics?

I believe in God. Nothing is more important than my integrity, character and credibility. 

What are 2-3 of your most important real estate tasks, actions, etc. that you do on a constant basis for your clients?

Accurate and thorough communication. Negotiating the highest offer in the quickest time. Simple acts of kindness and creativity that bring joy and a superb customer experience. 

At the end of a real estate transaction, what one thing do you want every client to be able to say about you?

The family is simply the best of the best. I wish I had another house to sell so that I could work with them again. 

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