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San Mateo home for sale by best Bay Area realtor near me Kevin Peterson
Best San Mateo Realtor Kevin Peterson

K Peterson 3

Princess | Public Relations

In order to be one of the top producing real estate agents in San Mateo and the Bay Area in general, I occasionally show houses, meet appraisers or other contractors. But my true passion is connecting with the public; I love to do play dates at the park and making friends everywhere I go. I'm already on the road to the Presidency of the USA (never can start too early in creating the change you want to see, am I right?) so vote for me in 2052!

What sets you apart from the competition?

Non-stop energy! I work hard at playing and play all day. My baba says sugar to me is like coffee to him; 5 cups of coffee at once.

How did you become so good at what you do?

I think it is the nutritionally dense meals that my mom and grandma feed me all the time. I have so much energy to burn that I simply go 110% all day then pass out at bedtime. Mom says I get my energy from dad.

What are 2-3 of your most important tasks, actions, etc. that you do on a constant basis for your clients?

• Being one of the official models for the brand, I can strike a pose with the best of them.

• Giving them space. It's hard but this COVID thing has taught me to love my neighbors six feet apart.​

• Being silly when it is time to take a break and doing my best to be quiet during conference calls.

At the end of a transaction, what one thing do you want every client to be able to say about you?

As my YouTube friend Diana would say, "Play it. Be It. Anything is possible. Be the one you want to be."

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