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SF Bay Area 2024 Lunar New Year Events (Year of the Dragon)

Updated: Feb 10

As realtors, we not only know the best ways to buy, sell and invest in real estate, but we also know the heartbeat of our communities. Below, is the inside scoop on the best SF Bay Area spots to revel in the Year of the Dragon 🎊🐲 festivities!

From Napa Valley to the Peninsula to the South and East Bay - whether you are into vibrant parades or delectable feasts, we've scouted out the top locales where you can immerse yourself in the rich traditions and cultural celebrations of this auspicious time. 🏮✨

Happy New Year! 新年快乐!!

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Brief Lunar New Year Background:

Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. It is traditionally based on the lunisolar Chinese calendar, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Festivities typically include vibrant parades, dragon and lion dances, family reunions, and the exchange of red envelopes (hongbao) symbolizing good luck and prosperity.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, celebrating the Lunar New Year is of paramount importance due to its diverse and vibrant Asian community. The region hosts one of the largest and most spectacular Lunar New Year celebrations in the United States, attracting people from various cultural backgrounds. The festivities not only provide a platform for the Asian diaspora to connect with their cultural heritage but also offer an opportunity for the broader community to engage in and appreciate the rich traditions of their neighbors.

The celebrations in the SF Bay Area serve as a symbol of unity, diversity, and inclusivity, fostering understanding and appreciation for the cultural tapestry that makes the region unique. As the Lunar New Year brings people together to usher in positivity and renewal, its celebration in the San Francisco Bay Area reflects the harmonious coexistence of different communities and contributes to the cultural vibrancy of the region. We hope you can attend one or more events. Please send pictures if you do! :-)

Where to go in the SF Bay Area to experience Lunar New Year celebrations?

Mid Peninsula - Lunar New Year Events 2024

Learn Chinese Calligraphy – Palo Alto, January 13

Escape the Lunar Dragon – Foster City, January 25

Korean Lunar New Year Celebration – Belmont, February 3

Lunar New Year at Twin Pines Park – Belmont, February 4

Chinese New Year Celebration Party – Foster City, February 4

DIY Tea Light Lantern – Foster City, February 7

Lunar New Year Storytime – Redwood Shores, February 10

Lunar New Year Celebration – Palo Alto, February 10

Dragon Puppet Making – Palo Alto, February 20

Lunar New Year Celebration – Redwood City, February 24

San Francisco - Lunar New Year Events 2024

Lion Dance with Jing Mo Athletic Association – San Francisco, January 13

Paper Dragon Pencil Pot – San Francisco, January 16

Dragon Puppet Making – San Francisco, January 17

FCC Excelsior Lunar New Year Celebration – San Francisco, January 20

Lunar New Year Lanterns – San Francisco, January 23

Red Lantern Envelope Workshop – San Francisco, January 25 – February 8

Living Traditions: Lunar New Year – San Francisco, February 1

Flower Market Fair – San Francisco, February 3-4

Choy Sun Doe – San Francisco, February 10

Lunar New Year Celebration – San Francisco, February 11

San Francisco Symphony Presents Lunar New Year – San Francisco, February 17

Community Street Fair – San Francisco, February 24-25

Chinese New Year Parade – San Francisco, February 24

Lunar New Year 5K/10K Run/Walk – San Francisco, March 3

South Bay - Lunar New Year Events 2024

Lunar New Year Craft & Celebration – San Jose, January 20, 26, 31 & February 2-9

Lunar New Year: San Jose Festival – San Jose, February 3-4

Santana Row Lunar New Year Celebrations – San Jose, February 10

San Jose Lunar New Year-Tet & Moon Festival – San Jose, February 16-17

Lunar New Year at SJMA – San Jose, February 17

East Bay - Lunar New Year Events 2024

Lunar New Year Crafts and Parade – Fremont, January 17 – February 10

Lunar New Year at Children’s Fairyland – Oakland, January 26

Little Saigon Lunar New Year Festival – Oakland, January 28

Lunar New Year x Black History Month – Oakland, February 3

Jack London Square Lunar New Year Celebration – Oakland, February 10

Dragon Dance – Fremont, February 10

Lunar New Year at OMCA – Oakland, February 17-18

Lunar New Year Celebration – San Ramon, February 18

Lantern Festival – Oakland, February 24-25

North Bay / Wine Country - Lunar New Year Events 2024

Chinese New Year Celebration – Santa Rosa, January 19

Terra Marin School Lunar New Year – Mill Valley, February 3

MCCA Chinese New Year Dinner – San Rafael, February 17

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